Here are some of the Westies helped by donations from the Sir Hamish McTavish Memorial Fund


WIDGET and FAITH were rescued in New York.  They were dehydrated and malnourished when they were found (with 26 other dogs!) and needed emergency vet care to save their lives.  A donation from Sir Hamish's Memorial Fund helped towards their medical costs

This is Lola and her daddy!  Lola was rescued and lived in Malaga with her new Mum and Dad.  She had very poor skin and needed lots of care and treatment to help her to overcome this.  She also needed to be neutered to live in harmony with her new brother.  The Sir Hamish McTavish Memorial Fund made a donation towards Lola's medical costs.  She was a happy little girl with her new loving family and had a good life.  Lola earned her wings and had to leave her family for Rainbow Bridge to run with Sir Hamish.


Sunshine State Westie Rescue cares for a number of Westies with medical care needs and needed our support.  They are doing everything they can to raise funds to ensure that the Westies in their care will get all possible medical attention and treatment to give them a full and happy life. The Sir Hamish McTavish Memorial Fund made a donation towards their medical costs to help them to achieve this goal


Meet PEPE from Barcelona (on the left) enjoying a day out with his Westie friend. Pepe has recently been diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome and Diabetes and his mum has been selling craft items to fund his ongoing medical bills for tests and treatments.  A donation from Sir Hamish McTavish's Memorial Fund is helping to ensure that he gets the tests and treatments he needs to keep him safe

This is CHARLIE from Essex.  He was rescued and went to live with a new Daddy but then now developed diabetes and became blind. Because he had no medical history he couldnt be insured so his dad was frantically fundraising to pay for cataract surgery for him before it was too late to restore his sight.  A pledge of funding from the Sir Hamish McTavish Memorial Fund ensured that he had enough to cover the cost of surgery and he went on to have successful cataract surgery and has his sight restored.


This is MADDIE from Florida.  She is the apple of her mummy's eye.  She has been very poorly with chronic gastritis for some time and funds for her care dried up.  A donation from the Sir Hamish McTavish Memorial Fund made sure she could continue her treatment to get her over the "blip".