The Worldwide Westie Rescue Fund provides small grants to rescue organisations throughout the world to help them to care for needy Westies.  Here is a selection of the organisations and Westies we have helped.




*Westie Rescue Ireland

*Many Tears Animal Rescue

*West Highland Terrier Rescue

*Westie Rescue Scheme

*Friends of the Animals RCT 

*Garden State Westie Rescue

*Westie Rescue of Tennessee

*Lone Star Westie Rescue

*Garden State Westie Rescue

*Westie Rescue Michigan

*Wag N Train Terrier Rescue

*Little White Dog Rescue




*All Westie Rescue, Australia

*Westie Rescue, Hungary

*Taiwan SPCA

Westie Rescue of California

Kaden and Kellan were only a few weeks old when they were rescued and found to be infected with Parvo.  Westie Rescue of California has commited to helping these little treasures despite the rising costs. WWRF provided a small grant to help.

Unfortunately, despite everyone's best efforts, these little babies lost their fight for life.  R.I.P 


*Westie Rescue, Missouri

*Westie Rescue South East USA

*Westie Rescue Houston


*Westie Rescue of New England

*New England Westie Rescue

*Westie Rescue of Austin


Northern New England Westie Rescue

In January Northern New England Westie Rescue went all out to rescue some ex-puppy mill Westies who were being taken to auction.  We provided a grant to help to free these dogs from a life without love.

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