A few stories of Westies helped with WWR Fund support

Trooper Zoey

Zoey formerly known as Bryce was surrendered to Westie Rescue of California in a terrible state not having had appropriate treatment in the past. She had chronic ear infections which had destroyed much of her inner ear structures and into the sinuses and beyond!  She needs extremely complex surgery to enable her to have any quality of life.  WWRF raised funds through their contributors for her ear surgery.  Unfortunately the surgery has been delayed initially to find a suitable surgeon and then because of ongoing infections the surgeon advises it is not yet safe to carry out the operation. 

Trooper Rossi

Rossi was rescued by the Westie Rescue Scheme, Uk and was found to need bi-lateral knee surgery if he was ever to walk pain- free.  WWRF raised £1500 through their contributors to pay the full cost of his surgery.  
This is Rossi 2 weeks post-op on holiday relaxing in the sunshine! 
Romanian Trooper Jim


Jim was found wandering the streets of Baku, Romania and taken in by the Ville Shelter.  This area has a strict kill policy for homeless dogs so they literally saved his life. The ladies at the Ville shelter managed to have him fostered with a helpful vet who provided his medical care and prepared him for his new home.  WWR Fund raised £1000 to fund his medical costs, boarding, and transportation to the UK where he has a loving home waiting with Lisa and her family.
Jim has now settled into his new home in the UK!  
Trooper Henri from Indiana


This is Henri.  He was rescued by Westie Rescue Indiana after he had been taken off the streets and kept in a shelter for 12 days without treatment.  He was in a dreadful state with little fur, scabs over his body, multiple infections.   He was taken to immediately to the vet and his treatment started. The infections robbed him of his sight. Despite his terrible state he was still a friendly little chap with a waggy tail and kisses for everyone! 


WWR Fund raised over $2000 towards his medical costs including surgery to restore sight in one of his eyes.


Cypriot Westie Princess 


WWR Fund provided a small grant to D.O.G. Cyprus to help this little Westie Mix girl.  She is thought to be about 13 years old and has a thyroid problem.


They were raising funds to pay for two months in a private shelter, medical fees, pet passport and flight funds. 


A loving forever home was found for her in the UK where she will  live out the rest of her life as a pampered princess.   She has arrived in the UK and settled in her new home.  She is now called Pearl.

These are just a few of the specific Westies that WWRF have been able to help.  Numerous Westie Rescues have benefited from small grants to help with the care and support of the Westies in their care. Some of the Westie rescues we have supported with grants are named on the Grant page of this site.