Books by Sir Hamish McTavish


Sir Hamish shares his thoughts and exploits with the world. Each book is filled with stunning full colour photographs 

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Diary of a Westie is the first of Sir Hamish McTavish's books which he started to write when he was just plain Mr Hamish McTavish.  In it you are introduced to Hamish and his brothers Baby Dougal and Alfie Bucket as well as other members of the McTavish household.  


Learn about every day life in with the McTavishes as they go about their daily lives, teaching the new boy, Baby Dougal, the joys of Westie life and the importance of secret missions and covert operations to chase cats, guard the perimeeter and gather intellegence.  


A special day for all at McTavish Towers was when Her Majesty the Queen visited the garden, and Hamish took up his position as Knight of the Realm! 


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More Diary of a Westie is the second of Sir Hamish's books and continues to document the training of Baby Dougal.  In it you can read Sir Hamish's hints and tips to the little guy and his thoughts about how the new recruit is shaping up.  


During the writing of this book Hamish and his family moved to the rugged shores of Northumberland where his work was cut out guarding the long and vulnerable coastline. Luckily Baby Dougal was keen to help ... or was that lucky?


The final section of this book was dedicated to telling the stories of some of Sir Hamish's rescue buddies in their own words.


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Yet More Diary of a Westie is the third in the series and charts the first summer in the new McTavish Towers in Northumberland with its sprawling gardens to be investigated and guarded. 


Hamish also has a little vacation in the Lake District where he shares with you his insightful observations. 


Life is never dull in the McTavish household and Hamish has many interesting anecdotes to recount.

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In the Secret Glen Sir Hamish and his brothers take you on their journey through the Scottish Highlands - the land of their forefathers. 


Join Sir Hamish on his historical meander around the Great Glen, visiting the Caledonian Canal, the lovely coastal town of Mallaig, the quiet shores of the Lochs, and the haunting Eilean Donan Castle where he meet some interesting special agents from a past time.


This book includes some stunning photos of our beloved homeland.