Hello, my name is Sir Hamish McTavish and I am the spokesdog for the Worldwide Westie Rescue Fund.  I live with my family in the North East of England. I am often called the Prince of Northumberland as I personally guard our coastline from infiltrators.  


I was born in Hull in April 2003 so I could be considered a senior Westie and I am the Commander in Chief of Westie Special Ops in the UK.  My family and brothers-in-arms are Alfie Bucket who is himself a rescue (he is not a Westie, but he doesnt know this so please don't tell him!) and Baby Dougal McTavish, a rogue Westie of delicate years.  We also have a cat sister called Daisy, but the less said about that the better! 

For the past few years I have spent all my spare time trying to raise much needed funds to help less fortunate little dogs all over the world who find themselves without a forever home through no fault of their own. Along with my daddy I have written several books about my Westie adventures and all profits from the sales go straight to the Worldwide Westie Rescue Fund. 


I am helped in my fundraising efforts by all my family and I am lucky enough to have thousands of special friends and Westie Troopers on Facebook, from all over the world, who participate in our fundraising (and special missions) too. 


On 29th June 2015 Sir Hamish McTavish left us to command the Trooper Brigade at Rainbow Bridge.  He will never be forgotten.


The Sir Hamish McTavish Westie Rescue Fund (formerly WWRF) is governed by a Trust Deed which is administered by Trustees (Ken Cook and Emilia Cook).  We are a charitable organisation and are currently undertaking the application process to be Registered in the UK with the Charities Commission.   Additional information about the Trust is available on the Trust Information page.


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